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🧠hey friends! as most of you know I’m r





Hey guys! 


I’m Maria Aloe Aldred, a South Carolina based wellness enthusiast with a passion for healthy living. I'm a recipe developer, cycling instructor, and love to take adventures. 


I originally started the_aloelife to document my fitness journey to keep myself accountable, and others motivated to workout. There were some ups and downs during the first several months, so I deleted the account. I still worked out, tried to eat healthy, but overall, I was being held back by old habits. For me, accountability is key, and once I stuck to healthier habits, I was able to make progress. 

Now that my mind and body understand what it means to live a healthier lifestyle, I'm trying to be more adventurous by creating an all things health and wellness business! In addition to connecting with those who are passionate about the same things I am. 


I have always loved working out, healthy recipes, and supporting others in their health journey's. Here is where you will find recipes, fitness tips, travel adventures and everything else in between!


About: Inner_about
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