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Wellness Program Update

Several weeks later and the Clemson University MBA Wellness Program is making moves! To catch you up, I sent out a health survey pertaining to mental, physical and nutritional information and received great feedback from students.

The survey showed that our MBA students enjoy running/walking and are willing to take fitness classes at local gyms/studios. I'm hoping they would also be open to joining a Clemson MBA Run Club!

Although, it's proving to be more difficult to hold mental health workshops because Clemson's Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) currently does not extend off main campus. However, the staff at Clemson have been nothing but helpful and eager to change that. In light of this, I'll be attending monthly meetings with those who do decide what resources go where. And in the meantime, I'm looking into local health events to advertise so students can learn more about overall health and wellness, if interested. If we can't bring workshops to our students, we can at least make them more aware of what events are going on around them.

Lastly, I was able to negotiate some new and healthier items in the vending machine. So instead of Jumbo Honey Buns and Munchos, our students can snack on Cliff and Kind Bars. A better source of protein, fiber, and healthier fats! Overall, these small initiatives will hopefully become more noticeable to our students, making the Greenville campus a healthier one.

Thanks for reading!

xx maria

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