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Half Marathon Training Guide

Hi hi! Here's a little run down of the program I follow when training for a half marathon. I'm always going to use some sort of training guide because it ain't easy, it's nice to have something I can check off, and see my progress build over time.

I've used the Columbus Capital City half marathon training guide for years now because that's where I completed my first half, but I still use it toady because I know it works. They provide a beginner, intermediate, and advanced guide, but because I don't race very often, I'm usually starting at a beginners level. It's easy to follow and it guarantee's you being physically ready for race day. It's a 17 week program that has you run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Saturday being your long run).

My first half in May 2015, I was scared shitless that I wasn't going to be able to finish the race, so I ran never missed a run! Now, I've done 4 and know my body is capable of completing one even without extensive training. However, I'm really trying to stick to 2-3 days of running for my race in December. I'm heading up to Winston-Salem, NC for the YMCA Mistletoe Half Marathon (yes, i definitely chose this race because of the name).

Here's the link if you're ready to tackle a race!

Thanks for reading!


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