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How to Keep to Your Intentions Throughout the Month

Hi everyone! As I reflect on this month and more specifically the intentions I set at the beginning on January, I found that these key points helped me be more successful in following through with them. A little reminder, my intentions were:

Join me in February and follow these simple steps for a successful month!

1. Write down your intentions

Writing out your thoughts can be very powerful, especially if you're a visual person. If they are only kept in your head, they are still valid, but more likely to get lost or forgotten. When you express your idea's/intentions on paper, it makes them more real.

2. Hang your intentions somewhere where you can see them everyday

Now that you have your intentions, you'll want to be able to see and be reminded of them daily. Try hanging them in the room that you use most or really anywhere you know you'll see them. You can also set additional reminders on your phone or write them throughout your calendar/planner.

3. Stay accountable

We all hit road blocks but it's how we deal with these road blocks that either make or break our intention process. It's all about coming back to your WHY. Why did you make this intention and how might you going if you don't commit to it? Most likely, your intentions are aspects of your life that you care about or are seeking to improve, which would mean they are important to you. So, if we can think back to why we set these intentions initially and can spark that emotion that led you to wanting to improve certain aspects, there's a better chance of you committing to them.

4. Acknowledge your wins

Every time you complete one of your intentions, make a point of it! Even the day to day or smaller accomplishments within the big picture are wins and will help you continue those habits.

Look out for my February Intentions, I'll be sharing those on the 1st :)

Thanks for reading!


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