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Matcha Latte Recipe

Hey Thursday! Last month I shared my go-to matcha latte in Greenville, which tasted most similar to my recipe I make at home. I'm now sharing my recipe and have been making it iced for awhile but occasionally I'll make it hot, both are below!


1.5 tsp ceremonial matcha (I use ippodo tea co, encha, or collagen peptides matcha collagen by Vital Proteins works great too!)

10 oz almond milk

2 oz water

1 tsp vanilla bean ghee

2 scoops collagen peptides

1/2 tsp yin power

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Hot Latte

- heat up 10 oz almond milk and 2 oz water until 175° or microwave for 1.5 minutes

- pour liquid into blender

- add all other ingredients and blend for 1-2 minutes

- pour and enjoy!

Iced Latte

- heat 2 oz water until 175° or microwave for 30 seconds

- add ghee, collagen peptides, yin power, and cinnamon to water

- use a whisk or handheld milk frother to blend together

- pour matcha mixture over 10 oz iced almond milk

- stir and enjoy!

thanks for reading!

xx maria

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